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iran dates exporters

iran dates exporters

For the general public, it is the most recognized dates. Its perfect taste and its shiny black color attract many people. The dates are seen mostly in Bam of Kerman and actually kimia dates are among thee most important dates in Iran’s markets. People who live in Tehran, use more than other dates. 

If you want to know the Iranian Dates exportes calories, then in per 100 g of Iranian date contains around 1.81 protein, 0.15 g fat, 74.97g carbohydrates, 6.7 g dietary fiber and 113 g sugar ans also 300 energy.

kimia dates

We are mentioning some Iranian Dates benefits here. They are good for:
-Nervous system health, Diarrhea, Energy booster, Anemia and so on.
 prices vary depending upon quantity of the order and shipment. For example price in Delhi or price in Hyderabad and similarly price in Bangalore should be more expensive than Price in Mumbai or Kimia Dates Price in Chennai, because of transport cost from the ports to those cities.
 are the most famous dates for which the word “fresh dates” is mistakenly used. Fresh Iranian dates are the fresh and ripe fruit of the date palm. When they are dried, they are called dates. Because  are high in water content, they are called fresh Iranian dates. Moreover, as the vine has unripe grapes, grapes and raisins, a palm also has Kharg, fresh date and date. There is also an intermediate state in which the tail of the date begins to cook (ripe), but the head is Kharg.
Many people consider  when they hear the word dates. All people know that are the finest Mazafati. The main disadvantage of this kind of date is that, it certainly should be refrigerated. Also when people want to eat the dates their hand become dirty and its sweetness bothers them. Although other dates have more sweetness but their sweetness never bothers. It is recommended to put away loving this kind of dates and try other kinds.
You can buy Iranian dates online if you just try to contact us via email or whatsapp.

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