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kimia dates

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sayer dates

sayer dates

Goldaneh Soroush Co is top Sayer Dates supplier in Iran.We are one of the leading .we offer high quality products with best possible prices

Sayer Dates Description

Sayer dates are the most produced and exported dates in Iran. 80% of Sayer dates are harvested in Khuzestan province. Sayer dates are not expensive, semi dry and have long shelf life compared to other dates and due to these advantages they are the most exported dates in the world.


Sayer Dates Growing Region

Sayer dates are grown in hot and dry cities of iran,Around 80% of Sayer Dates are produced in Khuzestan province in southwest of Iran and they are one of the most important export items in this region.

Sayer Dates Moisture

Sayer kimia dates are semi dry and the moisture is under 16%

Sayer Date Color

Sayer dates are dark brown and reddish.

Sayer Shape & Size

Sayer dates are oval and the length is around 3-4 cm.

Sayer dates Harvest Time

Sayer dates are harvested in September and they become ready for shipment in first week of October.

Sayer Dates Packing

At GStrades we always offer high quality products and most favorable packing and design according to the customers’ needs. At Gstrades we have bulk and retail packing based on our customers’ needs. From super select to Industrial date, Sayer Date packings are related to the quality of iran dates exporters which are boughtt.

Sayer Dates Price

Sayer Dates are normally cheaper than other types of dates like Mazafati,Piarom etc. For latest prices contact us via email or our whatsapp number.

Sayer Dates consumption

The dates are used pitted or un-pitted for direct consumption and their lower qualities are used for industrial purposes.

Sayer Dates Exporting Markets

Sayer Dates are cheap and have long shelf life compared to other dates, due to this advantage this date is exported to different countries.  Sayer dates are exported to countries such as India , UAE , Pakistan , china , Indonesia  and Europe. 

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