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rabbi dates

rabbi dates

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Rabbi Dates
Rabbi dates are a semi-dried date, soft, dark brown or black in color which can be kept in room temperature.
Rabbi Dates are mostly grown in Sistan Baluchestan province in south east of Iran.
Rabbi date is sweet, long in shape and with natural sugar which is not harmful to the body.
Rabbi Dates Size


Rabbi dates are long and round and have small seeds.
Rabbi Dates Color
They are dark brown but brighter than kimia Dates.
Rabbi Dates Types
Rabbi dates have pitted and un-pitted type and has different qualities.
Rabbi Dates Growing Area
Rabbi Dates are mostly grown in Sistan Baluchestan province in southeast of Iran.
Zabol ,Iranshahr, Chahbahar and siravan are leading cities for Rabbi date production.
Rabbi Dates Storage
Rabbi dates can be kept in room temperature, dry and clean place. It has shelf life of one year with fumigation every 2 months.
Rabbi Dates Harvesting Time
It’s at the beginning of September.
Rabbi Dates Packing
Rabbi Dates are packed either in bulks or small packs. Bulk packs are 10 KG and 5 KG cartoon and small packing are under 1 KG.
Rabbi Dates Moisture
This Date is semi-dried with moisture under 15 %.

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