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kimia dates wiki

kimia dates wiki

 known as the Dates of Bam is one of the date products in Iran. This type of date is not considered as dried fruits due to the high humidity, and it must be kept at temperatures between -5 to 5 ° C.
 Bam are black with thin, shiny and smooth skin. The skin of  is easily detachable. have a lot of juice. To determine the high-grade dates, one must know that as the dates contain lots of juice, they are better in quality. The weight of each  box is 10 kg due to its juice. 
 are good to treat diarrhea because of high potassium. The thing we must notice in using dates is that they must be washed before being used. Because of its juice on the skin it becomes sticky and attracts any kind of pollutions.
What is the difference between dates and dried dates? Dried date goes through four stages to be fully ripe. The third stage is called dates; at this stage the moisture of the product becomes more and the sugar becomes less.
From harvesting to selling
Harvesting by men workers and in woven baskets of palm leaves is done traditionally. The product under the tree is then collected by men or women workers. During collecting, the products are carried to the fridge in the chests 

made of plastic and with ventilation


The transportation of 80% of Kimia dates are done by truck or minivan to the fridge in the city off Bam. The main problems at this stage are the cost of transporting, the wastes during carrying the product, not packaging, inappropriate loading and unloading of dates.
The packaging of dates is one of the most important services in marketing. This stage is commonly done in fridge and by female labor forces. The package size varies from 250 grams to one kilogram. The packaging also varies in shapes and colors. Depending on whether the dates will be exported or used inside the territory, the size, shape and material of packaging differ. And the exported dates are the best-quality ones. The major problem was not the cost of packaging. The factories are doing according to the normal and standard packaging.
Keeping dates
The fridge owners typically keep the dates for 9 months and at different times to sell the product to the buyer. The studied fridges were half-advanced ones. They also had Iranit ceilings, cement rooms, air conditioning systems and refrigeration, rooms equipped with methyl bromide gas for sterilization and the room for packaging and washing the dates. 
The major problems are that, the studied fridges were not under the hygiene principles and did not have enough storage places. 
Gradation and standards in the fridges 
The gradation of the dates is done in the traditional way and according to the size, transparency and color. The major problem in this section is that they are not graded in a standard way and there is not standard office in the city of Bam. The existence of this office will reduce the wasting time of the exporters and the fall of the quality of products. 
The transformation of the products which can be obtained from the dates
Palm honey, palm juice and honey, liquid sugar, crystal sugar, industrial alcohol, chipboard, sweets, chocolates and other items can be named which have great importance. In addition to employment in this deprived area, these products will bring exchange. The great problem at this stage is not having any kind of industry to transform to an advanced kind in the studied area and only in some houses some of these products are produced in a traditional way. The following table compares the sugar content of sugar beet, sugar cane and dates according to which the date has the highest percentage of sugar content that is so important. 
Comparing the sugar content, the product and the production of sugar per hectare

Product type Sugar percentage Rate of product per hectare(tons) Sugar Production(tons) 
Sugar beet 17 30 5100 
Sugar Cane 10 70 700 
Date 60 12 7200 

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