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Piarom Dates

Piarom Dates

Piarom Dates are considered as the most delicious dates in the world they are grown in southern of Iran especially in Hormozgan.
These Dates in shape are longer than other types of dates and their color are black-brown. Piarom Dates are known as luxury dates because of their unique taste and expensive price.
Piarom Dates Moisture
Piarom Date is a semi-dried date with moisture under 15 %.
Piarom Dates Size
Piarom Date is long and oval in shape and the size of this date is around 3-5 cm.
Piarom Dates Price


Due to its taste Piarom dates are the most delicious and expensive dates in Iran.
Piarom Dates Color
Piarom or Maryami dates are black-brown in color.
Piarom Dates Packing
These dates are available in bulks and small packs. Piarom rabbi dates are different in quality (highh quality or normal quality). 
Piarom Dates Storage
Piarom dates can be kept in room temperature in a dry and clean place. It has shelf life of one and a half year with fumigation every 2 months.
Piarom Dates Harvesting Time
The Piarom Date harvesting time is usually in September.
Piarom Dates Growing Area
This tasty dates are mostly grown(around 90%) in Hajiabad city in Hormozgan province in south off Iran.

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