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History of Dates

History of Dates

Date scientifically known as Phoenix Dactylifera is are a monocot and tropical plant and a kind of Palm, whose fruit is delicious and with a hard core, thin skin and sweet flavor in clusters form hanging from the branches and leaves. The height of palm is 10 to 20 meters or more. The unripe fruit is called "Kharag" or "kharg" or Kong (and in Arabic, "Hababowk"). The fresh date is before the date is going to be ripe which has more moisture and less sugar than date.
Palm fruit is a berry fruit which is fleshy and full of nutrition. Date has been in human diet from antiquity and is one of the oldest fruits cultivated by humans. Date is grown in tropical and subtropical areas, including Iran. Although its origin goes back to Mesopotamia, Arabia and North Africa, but the scientific studies refer to a kind which is 

grown in India and is called P.H. Sivestris.


Date from ancient times is grown in Iran. In Sassanid literature including Bundahishn books, Palm is mentioned. Chinese sources mentioned Iran as the land of palm trees. At the end of the ninth century, palm tree is taken from Iran to China, where they have planted them. Among European countries, Spain has more background on the cultivation of kimia dates. Baskets and mats are made up of leaves and branches of palm trees.

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