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kimia dates Features

kimia dates Features

Take a look at other properties of date:
# Effective for reducing blood lipids.
# Phosphorus in date would keep the nerve cells alive.
# To strengthen the kidneys use the palm syrup.
# Those who have back pain or joint pain can use palm syrup.
# Due to the presence of vitamin B in palm fruit, it is good for the nerve growth and balance.
# It’s good for iron deficiency.
# Athletes due to high activity can use a nutritious snack with dates.
# Date can be used to reduce the risk of tooth decay.
# Date has a lot of sugar. In fact, about 70 percent of date is constituted by carbohydrates, 25 percent sucrose and 50 percent glucose.
# Palm fiber is good to improve the digestive system.
# Those who have diabetes should use less.
# You can sleep calmly with kimia dates and a glass of warm milk before bedtime.
# Regular consumption of dates, help to the growth of beneficial bacteria in the intestines.
# Date is useful for the treatment of gastric cancer.
# Potasium in this fruit is effective to inhibit diarrhea.
# Date can help to eliminate the problem of weight loss.
# Palm has a lot of nicotine and thus can be useful in the treatment of intestinal disorders.
# Iron in date is effective in the prevention of iron deficiency disease.
# The fruit naturally strengthens the immune system.

Benefits of dates
The nutritional value of 100 grams of dates:
163 kcal
9.0 grams of protein
3.0 grams of fat
30 mg phosphorus
3.1 mg iron
51 mg of calcium
10 mg of vitamin
Who must be careful in using this fruit?
Eating dates for diabetes, metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular disease and high herpes is not recommended. 2 dates (but not more) is good for diabetes in a day.

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