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جمعه 27 مرداد 1396 @ 01:11

Kimia Dates 2017

Iran because of having diversity in weather condition have been one of the successful and prominent producer of Date fruit in the world .among the most important kinds of cultivated Date fruits in Iran can point to Stamaran(Sayer)Date ,Mazafati(Kimia)Date
Kimia Dates
is one of the most famous and delicious kinds of Iranian Date fruit in the worldwide. This kind of Date like Iranian Mazafati Date because of having high moisture is not used as nuts. The Kimia Date is grown in the most Iran's south regions but it is more grown in southern Iranian city of Bam which has sweet taste, meaty and succulent flesh. The ripe Kimia Date like the Mazafati Date has dark purple tends to black color and has soft texture!
Kimia Date just like other kinds of Date fruit including Mazafati Date is rich of high nutrients, minerals, vitamins, fibers, antioxidants and etc. So Iranian kimia Date fruits can have health benefits and can also help or treat some diseases including: Anemia, cancer and etc.

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